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Manual de arte del siglo XIX en Colombia

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Libro Manual de arte del siglo XIX en Colombia

It can be said that a title defines the book. A "manual", according to two of the many definitions of the word from the dictionary of the Spanish language of the Royal Spanish Academy is "a book that summarizes the most substantial material of a topic" or "a book or notebook to make annotations". This book has more to do with the second definition in which the critical annotations of the author, throughout her experiences in museums and research, led her to write innovative texts for a better understanding of the art of the 19th century in Colombia. In addition to her numerous conferences and publications, the two courses that the author dictated in the Department of Art of the Universidad de los Andes were what strengthened her text aimed at young students of art of the nineteenth century in Colombia. Her approach on ruptures and continuities in the art of a century where the independence and the arrival of positivism took place is evident in a culture committed to protect its traditions. The summarized text by Professor Verónica Uribe on the development of 19th century Western art is an interesting contrast.

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  • Beatriz González Aranda


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