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Libro Trabajadores

Familiarize beginning readers with the different jobs of community workers. Featuring basic concepts, easy-to-read informational text, and engaging photographs this Spanish-translated nonfiction title is sure to create an exciting learning adventure.

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Libro La gran bandera (Grand Old Flag)

Featuring TIME For Kids content, La gran bandera (Grand Old Flag) discusses the importance of the American flag. This wordless picture book teaches kindergarteners about America's symbol of freedom as they observe the pictures. Aligned to NGSS standards, this visually engaging book encourages students to describe what is happening using their own words.

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The use of calendars dates back thousands of years. Why are we driven to record time, and what would happen if we did not? Who created the concept of calendars? Why do different cultures use different calendar systems? And why are calendars so important to us? It is about "time" we found out! Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, this Spanish-translated Smithsonian Informational Text builds reading skills while engaging students' curiosity about STEAM topics through real-world examples. Packed with factoids and informative sidebars, it features a hands-on STEAM challenge...

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Count, sort, and classify the dress-up hats, cowboy hats, and silly hats! Beginning readers will enjoy learning to classify and sort objects with this brightly illustrated Spanish book. Featuring vivid images and easy-to-read text, this full-color book develops students' math and reading skills and introduces them to early STEM themes. The Math Talk section includes questions that will increase understanding of basic math and reading concepts and develop students' speaking and listening skills. Learning math is fun and easy with this engaging text!

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La autora ha recogido las aventuras que Alberti le contó sobre su loro Cocorito, e incluye 22 láminas expresamente dibujadas para esta edición por el propio Alberti.

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Libro 10 cosas que puedes hacer para ahorrar electricidad

It doesn't take a lot to conserve electricity. Taking action can be as simple as turning off the lights when you leave a room or using "people power" instead of cars to get around. Kids learn this and more about what they can do to help in 10 Things I Can Do to Save Electricity. Now in Spanish.

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Computer science is all around us, at school, at home, and in the community. This book gives readers the essential tools they need to understand the computer science concept of algorithms and procedures. Brilliant color photographs and accessible text will engage readers and allow them to connect deeply with the concept. The computer science topic is paired with an age-appropriate curricular topic to deepen readers' learning experience and show how algorithms and procedures work in the real world. In this book, readers learn how to use instructions to build their own drone. This nonfiction...

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